Emily is a Korean model, actress, singer, and the leader of Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls. Dream Girls is a three member of 1 Korean and 2 Taiwanese girls debuted officially in 2011. Since then, the group has released three albums and has had several appearances in variety shows, dramas and movies.

The group gained significant popularity in countries where their native language is Chinese in addition to that they continued to be active in advertising in Korea and Taiwan, endorsing brands and products including Giodarno(Fashion brand), Family Mart(convenient store), Clarins(body skin care), Free Style(online game), Tablets, Beverages, Jewelry and more.

Emily starred in Korean drama series entitled “멘탈사수" and recently she had her first movie ”香灰裏的愛情“ showed in Taiwan.

She also authored two books(Korean Cuisine and Korean learning material) under her name and about to release her third book end of this year.

What makes her unique in this market is that she is the only Korean who actively participate in celebrity activities in Taiwan who is also capable of speaking Korean, Chinese fluently. Because of this multi-cultural fit, she is known to digest many different types of styles in entertainment and she also influenced people in Taiwan with Korean celebrity style and established several channels between two markets.


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